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How It All Started

Our founder Hunter Maddy was educated in North Carolina and Virginia in political science. His

undergraduate work focused on US government, and his graduate works looked at security, finance,

education, and environmental policy. He grew up on his grandfather’s farm. The son of a top

commercial real estate broker, the grandson of a director of facilities for a major research university,

and the nephew of one of the states top contractors. He has worked as a restaurant manager and

corporate opener. He has been a member of an HOA for twenty years and has worked with them in

different capacities during that time. He ran and sold a successful rental management group, and prior

to the pandemic worked as a senior community manager in Colorado. He held a Community Association

Manager License in Colorado, and first held a VA real estate license in 2004. It was during the lock down

that he realized how his unique set of skills could help neighbors break down communication barriers by

running neighborhoods in a new and forward thinking way.

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